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17. Januar, 23:00 - 18. Januar, 5:00

Baba Stiltz (Stockholm)

Baba is coming to Stuttgart!

„Swedish musician Baba Stiltz dares to be different. Keeping up with his genre-bashing music over recent years has been just as enjoyable as consuming it. His most recent release dropped on Stockholm’s Studio Barnhus—the Is Everything EP, a record that hints at his maverick stance. Comfortably hopping from deep house to R&B and touching on all sorts in-between, it seems that he will rule no possibilities out.

Delve a little deeper with Stiltz and this is confirmed. Under the guise of The Betlehem Beard Corporation, a project that he toyed with during his teens, he set his hand to folk, while alongside rapper Yung Lean he’s been responsible for some irresistible hip-hop beats (not to forget his divergent solo productions away from Studio Barnhus, on the likes of The Trilogy Tapes, Public Possession and Unknown To The Unknown).“

Support: Delinquent Network

Doors Open: 23h
Entry: 10€

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